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Cold Brook Parking Lot Permits are available for purchase at both GNR Recreation and M&F Motorsports. The cost is $10 per permit and you must provide a NLSF Trail Pass sticker or receipt at time of purchase, you also have to provide your vehicle license plate number.

Funds raised through the sale of permits go towards parking lot clearing, shed supplies and ramp maintenance. All members are encouraged to support this effort.

Like previous years, there will be a monitoring system in place. Written warnings will be issued and repeat offenders run the risk of having their vehicle towed at the owners expense.

Thanks for your support!

Welcome, to the Bay St. George ATV / Snowmobile Association web site.

Western Newfoundland offers some of the best snowmobiling in all of Eastern Canada. Whether you are going out with your family or friends for a pleasure ride on our well-marker trail system, hitting hills for some awesome boon docking, or if you are up for an exciting day of racing we can offer it all to you.

On any given day you can see a variety of wildlife whether it be caribou, moose, etc. or breath taking scenery on top of Lewis Hills in the backcountry. When you snowmobile in Western Newfoundland you can be guaranteed some life long memories.

There is more than the experience of riding of groomed trails and the scenic Western Newfoundland wilderness beauty. It's about that special feeling of hospitality and service that you get at every point throughout your trip, around every corner and at every stop, what Newfoundland and Labradorians have been known for around the world. Stop and have a chat along the trail with some fellow riders or our friendly groomer operator. Stop in one of two heated shelters along our trail system for a mug of tea, enjoy the day.

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