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We have noticed an increasing amount of vandalism at the 38 Trail and Alder Pond Heat Up Shelters this year. Numerous times this season individuals have been taking the sponsorship signs we have posted on the walls and burning them in the stoves. Not only is this a blatant disregard for BSGSA property, it is also a fire risk. The signs are made of Coroplast and sheet vinyl, which like other plastic materials melts when subjected to flames, which isn't easy to contain if it gets out of control.

The BSGSA and its members are fortunate to have the continued support of businesses around this area each year. Their sponsorship investments help the association purchase necessary equipment and resources to keep our association afloat year round. Whenever a sign is burned or thrown away, those efforts are cut short as each sign has to be replaced at the associations expense, and our sponsors are not getting the representation they deserve.

We make every effort to have wood and splits in the shelter at all times, however this isn't always possible. If you plan to use the shelter, please respect the building and your fellow riders by keeping it clean and free of vandalism. You donít know what you've got till itís gone.

Welcome, to the Bay St. George ATV / Snowmobile Association web site.

Western Newfoundland offers some of the best snowmobiling in all of Eastern Canada. Whether you are going out with your family or friends for a pleasure ride on our well-marker trail system, hitting hills for some awesome boon docking, or if you are up for an exciting day of racing we can offer it all to you.

On any given day you can see a variety of wildlife whether it be caribou, moose, etc. or breath taking scenery on top of Lewis Hills in the backcountry. When you snowmobile in Western Newfoundland you can be guaranteed some life long memories.

There is more than the experience of riding of groomed trails and the scenic Western Newfoundland wilderness beauty. It's about that special feeling of hospitality and service that you get at every point throughout your trip, around every corner and at every stop, what Newfoundland and Labradorians have been known for around the world. Stop and have a chat along the trail with some fellow riders or our friendly groomer operator. Stop in one of two heated shelters along our trail system for a mug of tea, enjoy the day.

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