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Cold Brook Parking Lot Passes for the upcoming 2015-2016 season are now available!
Drop by GNR Recreation or M&F Motorsports on the Hansen Highway to get yours today!
Cost is $10 and you must have a NLSF Trail Pass in order to purchase.

Please note - these are BSGSA funds which are used by the BSGSA to plow the Parking Lot and conduct any seasonal maintenance. We appreciate your support!
To all members,

It might not have seemed like a very long summer but what we had was enough – it’s just about time to get back on the snow!

At the NLSF Annual General Meeting, held October 3-4 in Deer Lake, an announcement was made that the Federation would be placing three new groomers in the fleet and re-aligning the use of many others. This is great news for our area as it means we will be receiving a much newer model than the one we currently have had since grooming began on the island. We had hoped for a brand new machine, however once our wide tracks are re-installed on this newer machine, it will be much more effective and reliable than our current groomer!

For the past couple of weeks our team of volunteers and our groomer operator have been working to get our trail system ready for the winter. They have been busy with posting trail signage, doing bridge repairs, heated shelter upgrades/repairs and brush cutting to widen some trails that have started to close in with alders. We hope to have everything up and running in the next few weeks but as they say, many hands make light work – so if you’re interested in volunteering, please let us know by contacting us through the website or our Facebook page (see below).

Since the NLSF Annual General Meeting a number of regional associations have been given new grooming directives. That means for the 2015-2016 season the grooming and designation of BSGSA trails will be as follows:
  • Cold Brook Road (Primary Trail) – Cold Brook Parking Lot to Hynes Pond Map
  • Camp 38 Trail (Primary Trail) – Cold Brook Parking Lot to Gallants via Cold Brook Road and Camp 38 trail
  • Rail Bed (Secondary Trail) – Cold Brook Parking Lot to Gallants via the Rail Bed, and along the Rail Bed through Stephenville Crossing to the Main Gut bridge.
  • Kippens Trail (Secondary Trail) – Cold Brook Road to Kippens
  • CB7 & Round Pot (Secondary Trail) – Cold Brook Road to Camp 38 Trail via CB7 and Round Pot
  • Town of Stephenville (Secondary Trail) – Cold Brook Parking Lot to Stephenville via designated route.
  • M&F Motorsports/GNR Recreation (Secondary Trail) – Cold Brook Parking Lot to dealerships via Hansen Highway ditch.
The BSGSA will not be grooming west of the Main Gut Bridge in Stephenville Crossing.

If you have any questions or concerns about grooming operations, please contact the NLSF Head Office in Deer Lake at (709) 635-4395.

BSGSA Website:
BSGSA Facebook:

See you on the snow!

BSGSA Executive Team

Welcome, to the Bay St. George ATV / Snowmobile Association web site.

Western Newfoundland offers some of the best snowmobiling in all of Eastern Canada. Whether you are going out with your family or friends for a pleasure ride on our well-marker trail system, hitting hills for some awesome boon docking, or if you are up for an exciting day of racing we can offer it all to you.

On any given day you can see a variety of wildlife whether it be caribou, moose, etc. or breath taking scenery on top of Lewis Hills in the backcountry. When you snowmobile in Western Newfoundland you can be guaranteed some life long memories.

There is more than the experience of riding of groomed trails and the scenic Western Newfoundland wilderness beauty. It's about that special feeling of hospitality and service that you get at every point throughout your trip, around every corner and at every stop, what Newfoundland and Labradorians have been known for around the world. Stop and have a chat along the trail with some fellow riders or our friendly groomer operator. Stop in one of two heated shelters along our trail system for a mug of tea, enjoy the day.

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